Rhodiola Rosea Extract Guide Debuts!

Welcome to my new home on the Internet, Rhodiola Rosea!

A good friend of mine set this site up for me. Apparently it should be really easy to maintain and manage at this point. However, I already made a mistake. I posted a “page” for my site in the “blog” area. Oops! I have since corrected this fallout from my lack of web publishing savvy. I know health and I know supplements, but I can’t pretend to be a web wiz.

If you came here because the link said “Rhodiola Dangers,” that page can now be viewed here: Rhodiola Dangers. If a search engine indexed this blog before I fixed this, you may be wondering where you are.

Well, you’re on the first post for Rhodiola Rosea! I have a passion for natural and legitimate ways to improve your health, both physically and mentally. In recent years I’ve discovered one of those rare crossover supplements — a supplement even the often-stubborn medical community won’t deny: Rhodiola Rosea

I’ve experienced its transforming benefits first hand and I’ve helped soothe a dear friend’s depression with this herbal remedy. Now I hope to bring the hope and health of this great adaptogen to as many people as possible through the crazy communication phenomenon that is the Internet!

I don’t have much content up just yet, so please PLEASE check back soon! I will be expanding this site with posts on the benefits, side effects of this remedy, but I will also add posts on the science behind it.

Thanks and lots of love,