Rhodiola Rosea Revelations

Herbal Stress Relief

Can the Russian root Rhodiola Rosea be good for your health and provide you with the safe herbal stress relief you are looking for? Researches believe there is real promise in this adaptogenic herbal remedy.

Read Newsweek’s article on the beginning of this phenomenon to learn how scientists and researchers were excited about the benefits of rhodiola back in 2003.

What began with exciting research conduced by Dr. Zakir Ramazanov was ignited by research published in the Phytomedicine Journal and then corroborated by research pursued in the United States by UCLA’s Department of Psychiatry and the Columbia University Medical Center (and published in The Rhodiola Revolution). Read on to better understand the origins and continued hope of this herbal stress buster, the adaptogen rhodiola rosea extract, an herbal remedy with great benefits yet very few side effects.

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Rhodiola Rosea Extract Guide Debuts!

A good friend set this site up for me. Apparently it should be really easy to maintain and manage at this point. However, I already made a mistake. I posted a “page” for my site in the “blog” area. Oops! I have since corrected this fallout from my lack of web publishing savvy. I know health and I know supplements, but I can’t pretend to be a web wiz.

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