Rhodiola Rosea Revelations

Rhodiola Dangers

To get right to the point, Rhodiola dangers are few and far between. Ironically, the primary dangers to consider are mostly a result of becoming too confident and comfortable with taking this herbal remedy. Many resources on rhodiola rosea extract encourage increasing dosage until the desired affect is achieved because of its unusually low toxicity and because of the minimal side effects. Please note this is a dangerous practice for any supplement or herbal remedy. I advise you maintain the recommended dosage for at least four weeks before elevating it.

The Right Way to Take Rhodiola Rosea Extract

Often times desired effects will be achieved with consistent use over time and you just need to exercise patience. In fact, with many adaptogens such as rhodiola, taking them consistently for an extended period of time instead of increasing your dose will be more likely to provide the rhodiola benefits you seek.

If you discovered this herbal extract while researching ways to improve your ability to manage stress during specific tasks or for improving physical endurance before an athletic performance, you may have read that you should take approximately 3 times the normal rhodiola rosea dosage prior to that stressful or athletic endeavor. While this is common and may be appropriate, I encourage you to try it in lower doses before jumping right into the higher dose. It really is just common sense, but you should understand how your body reacts to it before taking a larger quantity, especially right before a major event in your life.

Possible Concerns

However, there are some additional concerns for certain people. While defining it as a rhodiola danger might be a stretch, rhodiola rosea should not be administered to individuals with manic behavior disorders, such as bipolar disorder or antidepressant sensitivity.

While rhodiola is an unusually safe and effective herbal remedy for mild depression and anxiety, please consider consulting a medical professional or natural physician before taking it for these concerns. Rhodiola rosea depression studies appear very positive, but it can still be a mistake to self-medicate or medicate without professional supervision whether the medication is “natural” or not.

In addition, Rhodiola Rosea is a mild nervous system stimulant, and as such you should take the proper precautions you would also take with common stimulants like coffee. Until you fully understand how your system will respond to it, we advise you not take it while consuming any other stimulant. This attribute also means you should not consume it in the latter third of the day, as it may inhibit your ability to enjoy restful sleep.

Summary Of Rhodiola Dangers

On the whole, there really aren’t many dangers of rhodiola to be found. Clinical studies with rats clearly indicate that this golden root features an exceptionally low toxicity level — approximately 5 times less than panax ginseng, which is itself widely considered to be a supplement with low toxicity. Just remember to exercise reason and common sense when you first start using this roseroot adaptogen.

The best way to enjoy the many benefits of rhodiola rosea extract is to take it moderately on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before a breakfast or lunch.

I hope this helps you avoid any dangers of rhodiola and safely utilize it to obtain greater comfort and health in your life.