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More On Rhodiola And Depression

We’ve recently updated the design of RhodiolaRosea.Org. It is simple, but I hope you enjoy its nice, clean appearance. I felt the previous design was a little less polished than I wanted for this topic.

In addition I’ve recently added pages on Rhodiola Side-Effects and Rhodiola Rosea Depression.

It can be difficult to describe and explain the possible side-effects as there aren’t that many, but I did my best. In the side effects article I explain all of the possible side effects of this extract, from the very unlikely to the more likely ones. I also go into detail about how to minimize these relatively mild side effects. This post also explains the low toxicity of this extract. I hope it helps you feel more at ease about using it. Side effects of any herb or prescription medication should always be considered before you start taking it.

I find the new study on depression and rhodiola more compelling. It was published by the Nordic Journal of Psychiatry and provides specific, clinical evidence of rhodiola’s positive use in treating depression and improving overall mood. These types of studies are potentially exciting. Granted, depression is a complex topic that needs to be monitored by a physician, but it appears this natural remedy may be able to help some people fight mild depression.

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