7 Tips For Managing Stress And Depression

Believe it or not we actually need a little bit of stress in our lives to help keep us moving and to motivate us, but too much stress can have a number of negative side effects and it can lead to depression. Stress can be overwhelming to people who are predisposed to depression. It can spark a depressive episode, or add fuel to the fire if someone is already experiencing symptoms of depression.

If you feel you may be prone to depression it is important to understand what causes you undue stress, and to know what you can do to minimize the stress in your life. Continue reading

What You Can Do To Help Boost Your Mood

It’s normal to feel a little blue, or down in the dumps from time to time. Ups and downs are just a normal part of the human experience. But if you find yourself feeling down more often than not, it may be time to do something about it.

Experiencing mild depression or a long-lasting case of the blues can have a significant impact in your life. Besides decreasing your quality of life it can impact your ability to make good decisions, including how and what you eat, how you take care of yourself and it can even impact your perception of the positive things going on around you at any given time.

On a positive note there are a number of relatively simple things you can do to help improve your outlook on life. Continue reading

When Dysphoria And Anhedonia Collide

Whether you’re suffering from occasional depressive symptoms or a major depressive disorder (MDD), understanding and appreciating your own condition is the first step to feeling better.

It’s okay to discover you’re depressed. In fact, it’s the first and perhaps most important step towards resolving your condition and finding a better life. You’re not alone. About 10% of all Americans have major depression, and around 25% will endure MDD during their lives at some point. You don’t have to keep feeling this way. There really is a more hopeful and fulfilling life somewhere in your future. Continue reading